We have been friends since preschool, and life has brought us through many years of adventures and experiences.  As we adjusted to post-grad life at our jobs in architecture and fashion, we found ourselves constantly discussing our favorite brands, bloggers, designers, and photos on the internet. It just made sense to put it all in one place.  Unlike so many others in our generation, we are lucky to work in the fields we have always dreamed about.  However, the struggle to remain (or even become) relevant in today’s world is always a struggle.  Elise to West is our way of sharing with each other, as well as you, our lifestyle inspirations and goals.  We love style and design and want to curate our favorite designers and stylists to influence and inspire readers on anything from travel, fashion, to home.



nikiMy passion for architecture and design started at a very young age.  But I also express my style with music, art, photography, and fashion. The way you style your life through architecture and design should be a true expression of your personality.  I enjoy travelling and discovering new cities and what they have to offer.  Bringing life experiences and adventures home and applying them to your life is key in influencing a personal aesthetic.  Personally, I consider both fashion and design to be artistic lifestyle opportunities, and this blog is an opportunity to share some designs that influence me.

xx n.elise


gabAs a 20-something styling assistant in New York, I live and breathe fashion everyday and experience its nitty gritty and its glitz and glamour.  The secret to understanding fashion is that there are no rules!  Fashion is completely subjective to one’s own taste and the only guideline is: if you like it, wear it!  Style is about so much more than how you dress, it’s how you carry yourself and confidence is the best accessory.  We are so excited to share our thoughts and inspiration for anything and everything style and design.

xx g.west


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